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How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for your Business?

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency  for your Business? As an entrepreneur do you regularly end up thinking about these inquiries? Is digital marketing significant to my business? Would Facebook be pertinent for my items and benefits or would it be advisable for me to begin with LinkedIn? Will I have the capacity […]

7 Ways Marketers are Using Social Media in 2017 for Business Growth

7 Ways Marketers are Using Social Media in 2017 for Business Growth Imagine spending just 6 hours a week so as to expand your business’ recognition, traffic, and sales with next to zero cost. Believe it or not! Around 90% of marketers guaranteed that social media produced enormous exposure for their organization, and that is […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency Well, you’ve finally made your mind to leverage online tools to grow your business, right? And you have made a list of every possible marketing tactic like SEO, email, PPC, social media, blogging among other options. But still you just don’t know where to get […]

27 Tips for Local Businesses to Attract Customers Online

27 Tips for Local Businesses to Attract Customers Online Today’s consumers, around 80% according to Google, rely more on the Web to find and choose local businesses. So is their any way to ensure that these consumers find and choose your business? Yes! That magical spell is ‘Digital Marketing’.  By utilizing a blend of these four systems […]

Why SEO Is So Important For Your Business

Why SEO Is So Important For Your Business SEO is a standout amongst the most misconstrued and misjudged terms in the realm of marketing. SEO’s out of line portrayal as a sort of speculative chemistry over the previous decade has caused numerous generally keen agents to degrade its significance as a feature of a decent, […]

Pinterest for Business Marketing

Pinterest for Business Marketing How and Why You Should Focus on It  Marketing has come a long way from what used to be the traditional norms for spreading awareness about a brand. From print media, businesses have now diverted their attention towards internet and social media for marketing their brand and services. Pinterest has emerged […]

14 Fool Proof Ways to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

A simple 140 character liner holds the power to promote your brand like none other. Twitter experts share  their top tips on ‘How to use Twitter for business marketing’.   By the time we entered the third quarter of 2017, Twitter reached 330 Million followers becoming one of  the most actively used social media site and the most popular microblogging platform. This makes it an  inadvertently potent marketing tool that can be astutely be used for promoting your business on Twitter,  given you know well how to use it.   So, how can you take advantage of the popular social media website tweeting 140- character liners to  drive more traffic towards your website or generate leads for your business? Tens of Twitter gurus,  marketing experts and business frontrunners share their top 14 tips to leverage Twitter for business marketing of your brand, services or products on the microblogging platform.  1.Optimize Your Twitter Bio  image source: Jon Ferrera, the CEO of Nimble which is a social CRM provider company states that it is necessary that  your business’s identity and voice are well branded. This means you need to have such a bio on Twitter  that lets people know who you are and also includes the link to your website or a relevant landing page.  It should have a consistent tone that tells them clearly who you are and what you do.   2.Find Out the Influencers and Experts in Your Targeted Area and Regularly Interact With Them  image source: One of the biggest issues on how to use Twitter for business marketing is about finding the right  audience. Use Twitter search or a handy tool like Follwerwonk or Twitterreach to find prospects,  influencers and customers that are like minded, advises Stacy Miller who is the social media manager at  Vocus, a cloud marketing provider. Find them through the use of keywords pertaining to your industry,  and then engage with them on a regular basis.   Shanelle Mulin, who is the Marketing Director of Onboardly which provides PR services and content  marketing to startups, adds to the point by advising to make a list of around 100 most powerful and  influential people in your niche. These can be journalists, potential customers, prospective partners,  thought leaders, well known bloggers and authors etc. According to her you must add these big names  to a separate Twitter list and interact with them daily. Tools such as HootSuite can help you here in  managing the process and making it easier. Just take care to be casual and helpful in your approach  without getting promotional. The idea is to build and genuine relationship before looking for  opportunities to join forces.   3.Get Your Employees and Colleagues Involved  As per Amanda Cohen, the marketing coordinator at Homescout Realty, the foundation of any brand  building should come from the within, with people working in your company itself. Ensure that your  coworkers or employees are not only following you on Twitter but are also tweeting, retweeting and  interacting on the site for effective usage of Twitter for business marketing.   4.Tweet Regularly  image source: As Sandra Fathi, the founder and president of Affect, a PR and social media agency, puts it- Regular  tweeting works as a sign denoting a healthy and active profile. She warns against the ill-habit of tweeting  or appearing on Twitter only once or twice a week or worse, a month. It makes you lose the race of  staying up to the minute and eventually makes people forget about you.   For successfully promoting your business on Twitter, it is advisable to stay active on your Twitter handle  by tweeting posts daily and engaging with your tweeples through retweets, mentions, shares and  discussions. Just be wary of the content you post there. It should be relevant and useful, that your  audience can connect to, click on, retweet and add to their favourites.   5.Do Not Shy Away from Asking for Twitter Love  image source: Ask your followers to mention you in their tweets, retweet your tweets, or add them to their favourites.  You can also request them to share your posts with fresh tweets.    Stay connected for more tips on promoting your business on Twitter. 

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8 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Deserves Your Serious Attention

8 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Deserves Your Serious Attention- To say that any business today requires Facebook to back its marketing, would surely be an understatement. With over 1.8 Billion daily active users and over 60 Million businesses already making use of Facebook to promote their brand, Facebook marketing is one of the most effective […]

7 Digital Ways to Give Your Business an Easy and Affordable Makeover

7 Digital Ways to Give Your Business an Easy and Affordable Makeover Is your business dumped by the customers? Or you are not as confident as you should be to attract more customers? Or do you feel your online presence isn’t much appreciated as compared to other big and reputed brands? Or do you even […]