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8 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Deserves Your Serious Attention

8 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Deserves Your Serious Attention-

To say that any business today requires Facebook to back its marketing, would surely be an understatement. With over 1.8 Billion daily active users and over 60 Million businesses already making use of Facebook to promote their brand, Facebook marketing is one of the most effective ways to organically create awareness and escalate sales through social media.

If you are still unconvinced of the power of this social networking platform to leverage as a proficient marketing tool, here are 10 no-brainer reasons why you should consider Facebook for your business promotion.

1. Facebook is the most popular social media platform for marketers

About 80% of total number of business owners have their presence on Facebook and make use of this platform for their brand marketing. Akin this situation, not having a page of your business on Facebook, promoting your services or products is synonymous to giving your rivals a golden ticket to victory. Around 73% of marketers state Facebook marketing as the most effective social media marketing strategy.

2. Facebook drives the biggest share of social media referral traffic.

The social media platform is still dominated by Facebook. With about 25% of total referral share to Facebook’s name, while Pinterest, Twiter and Youtube together forming only a 31% share in the sphere.

Since there are only about 10-20 search results that re constantly fought over, it can very well be said that search traffic is overrated. To gain maximum traffic, a business needs to widen its reach and include other parallel sources too. This is where social media platforms come into play.

Having said that. Facebook can’t be a website’s sole traffic generator but can only act as a valuable contributor for generating leads.

3. Facebook has more than 40 million active pages of small businesses

It is quite understandable for you to think here, why you should be investing your time and energy in Facebook when there are 40 million businesses competing for recognition there and when you can instead target other low competition, niche network. But by the same argument, it is important that you maintain a basic presence on Facebook as most customers expect businesses to have an active presence on at least social media platforms, of which Facebook tops the list.

4. One out of every seven humans is on Facebook

As per the current reports, Facebook has a staggering number of 1.8 Billion users as of today which makes every 1 person out of 7 in the world connected through the platform. No other social media platform even comes close to this number. As shocking as it is amusing, the fact tells you how crucial it is to have your business get its presence registered on the social networking site, to not miss out on the opportunity to promote your brand in this huge marketing segment.

5. Most marketers are planning to increase their efforts on Facebook in the coming years

Since marketers are already putting in a lot of time and money in Facebook to promote their businesses on the platform, it will only become harder and fiercer in the coming time to compete for recognition there. This makes it contingent further for you to get a foothold on Facebook and build your audience; or risk falling behind in the competition.

6. Facebook has the highest rate of conversion as compared to other social media sites

As per Shopify, Facebook dominates over any other social media platform for drawing e-commerce traffic. The site has a conversion rate of 1.85% setting behind any of its peers. If you are to invest in marketing with social media, it is thus highly recommended to invest considerably in Facebook marketing to drive more conversions and sales.

7. Most consumers prefer to connect with a brand on Facebook

Compared to any other social networking site, Facebook excels by a broad margin, in attracting customers to connect with a brand through it. According to a Social Habits report as more as 76% customers prefer to use Facebook to connect with their favorite brand.

8. Facebook is the biggest influencer for a majority of customers in taking their purchasing decisions

Facebook has emerged to be the greatest social networking website that is taken up by the consumers to get opinions or feedback on a product and gauge its popularity based on the advice and likes of their friends.

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